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Supercharge client-facing teams with instant access to knowledge from across your business with the Pragma sidebar.

Your Knowledge, Accessible Anywhere You Work

With a simple search in your Pragma sidebar, you can now instantly find relevant content without having to spend valuable time switching tabs or searching different directories.

Use shortcuts to access information

Build a library of the most used answers or outreach messages that your team can use anywhere they work

Auto-suggested answers in Gmail

The auto-reply suggestion feature takes into account the previous email and your initial message to generate a complete reply.

Redraft and rewrite emails and messages

Communicate better using an embedded guided writing tool that helps rephrase, shorten or correct grammar for perfectly crafted emails in seconds.

“Pragma has been game changing for us. We have many guidelines we need to follow, and they are constantly changing. Pragma offers the ability for agents to easily find answers, increasing their autonomy while also giving managers time back in their day. In addition, the support at Pragma has been nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend Pragma for not only their product, but also their service.”
Peachy Insurance
Carissa McElligott, Chief of Staff
“With Pragma, we bridged internal knowledge gaps that allowed us to accurately and immediately respond to questions asked. This unlocked more free time for our CSMs to focus on strategic initiatives.”
Jonathan Riftin, Director of Customer Success
“Pragma is an amazingly valuable solution. I love how it extracts data from our conversations with customers, categorizes them, and enables our team to monitor commonalities, as well as select best responses to share and use. I love the snippets and rewriting feature as well!”
Hour One
Sarit Tsour, Enterprise Account Executive
“Sales enablement empowers customer-facing employees to consistently and systematically deliver an engaging and valuable experience for buyers. It becomes an ongoing strategic process to prepare frontline teams with the proper tools, content, and information to sell successfully."
Cato Networks
Boaz Barzel, Sales Enablement Lead
“Pragma has been a pivotal tool in how I find the balance between personalization and scale; most sales conversations have lots of nuances that make copy-paste follow-ups impossible to do well. This is where Pragma comes in; with a few simple keyboard shortcuts, I can quickly create an ‘a la cart’ selection of Snippets and quickly add relevant files to make a best-in-class email in seconds. Things will never be the same again!
Marc Bearman, VP Commercial

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