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Centralize knowledge from across your organization with a single plug-in, ensuring alignment and giving instant support to client-facing teams.

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Powerful knowledge at your fingertips

By capturing and analyzing client interactions, Pragma surfaces knowledge, so your teams can tackle questions and objections with competence.

Turn client Q&A
into knowledge

Facilitate learning and fuel business best practices with access to verified responses and the continuous enablement of new updates and processes.

Learn from real interactions

Keep knowledge updated with AI driven tagging and detection alongside input from teams and subject matter experts.

Identify and fill knowledge gaps

Identify when client questions and objections arise - where information is missing and where new or updated knowledge is needed.

Your company’s information, organized for you

Fast and easy access to information from wherever you work.

Immediate access from anywhere

Improve client response times and lower support cost by making client-facing information accessible wherever you work.

Implement digital enablement

Give your organization access to real time insights, surfaced from client interactions to build an up-to-date knowledge solution that provides instant support to client-facing teams.

Stop wasting time looking for information

The knowledge you need, continually updated and validated,
accessible anywhere.

Fast-track awareness of new release updates

Identify missing or outdated
information and create new up
to date knowledge.

Increase confidence with fresh verified knowledge

Loop in subject matter experts to contribute, approve,
and improve.

Identify and prevent knowledge gaps

Enhance team performance by ensuring relevant knowledge is always available.

Create content where it matters most

Create content that address issues surfaced from real client interactions.

Collaborate to iterate and improve

Access team knowledge to comment and improve and win more business together.

With Pragma, we bridged internal knowledge gaps that allowed us to accurately and immediately respond to questions asked. This unlocked more free time for our CSMs to focus on strategic initiatives.
Jonathan Riftin, Director of Customer Success

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