Harnessing Knowledge for Exceptional Sales and Support

Are you tired of spending hours trying to find the right answers to customer questions or struggling to craft the perfect outreach message?


Collaborate and share your most effective messages

Identify and craft powerful messages that better communicate value proposition and benefits to clients.

Immediate access within your workflow

By typing // anywhere, you can easily access your frequently used answers or outreach messages.

Automate your writing

With Pragma's AI Prompt you can automate your writing by just typing what you want to write and let the AI write it for you.

Automate your workflow

Save time and effort with AI powered alerts which detect repeated answers and invite quick snippet creation.

Respond Quickly

The auto-reply suggestion feature takes into account the previous email and your initial message to generate a complete reply. Currently works on Gmail and Intercom.

Access information wherever you work

Pragma integrates with Notion, Google Drive, Gong and more, so with a single search, you can surface any relevant knowledge from wherever you work.

Easily create new snippets

Simplify your workflows with an intuitive UI that allows for immediate knowledge creation.

Share and collaborate

Disseminate or receive knowledge and best practices from members of your team or subject matter experts.

Redraft and rewrite emails and messages

Communicate better using an embedded guided writing tool that helps rephrase, shorten or correct grammar for perfectly crafted emails in seconds.

Built for you

Serve your clients faster and better - imagine being able to find and curate the right answers to client questions instantly - without the frustration of knowing where an answer might be found.

Sales Enablement

Empower and onboard Go-to-Market teams with business best practices and keep knowledge updated in real-time.

Account Managers

Solve challenging client requests by surfacing actionable insights from client facing or support teams from any communication channel.

Sales Development

Make a powerful first impression and execute outreach campaigns using successful prospect messaging and crafted answers at your fingertips.

Customer Support

Support clients better with instant access to verified answers from across the Go-to-Market, marketing, and product teams.

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