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Are you tired of spending hours trying to find the right answers to customer questions or struggling to craft the right message?

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Powerful knowledge at your fingertips

Pragma reveals, and structures needed organizational knowledge otherwise hidden or scattered across multiple platforms and provides easy access to it, whenever you really need it.

Turn client Q&A
into re-usable knowledge

Facilitate learning and fuel business best practices with access to verified responses and the continuous enablement of new updates and processes.

Conversational Knowledge Access

Get instant answers to your questions with our Chat with your Data feature. Access your organization's knowledge sources, find information in Slack, and tap into past client conversations to unlock valuable insights.

Unlock your company's knowledge with ease

Fast and easy access to information from wherever you work.

Immediate access from anywhere

Improve client response times and lower support cost by making client-facing information accessible wherever you work.

Stop wasting time looking for information

The knowledge you need, continually updated and validated,
accessible anywhere.

Fast-track awareness of new release updates

Identify missing or outdated
information and create new up
to date knowledge.

Increase confidence with fresh verified knowledge

Loop in subject matter experts to contribute, approve,
and improve.

“With Pragma, we bridged internal knowledge gaps that allowed us to accurately and immediately respond to questions asked. This unlocked more free time for our CSMs to focus on strategic initiatives.”
Jonathan Riftin, Director of Customer Success
“Pragma is an amazingly valuable solution. I love how it extracts data from our conversations with customers, categorizes them, and enables our team to monitor commonalities, as well as select best responses to share and use. I love the snippets and rewriting feature as well!”
Hour One
Sarit Tsour, Enterprise Account Executive
“Sales enablement empowers customer-facing employees to consistently and systematically deliver an engaging and valuable experience for buyers. It becomes an ongoing strategic process to prepare frontline teams with the proper tools, content, and information to sell successfully."
Cato Networks
Boaz Barzel, Sales Enablement Lead
“Pragma has been a pivotal tool in how I find the balance between personalization and scale; most sales conversations have lots of nuances that make copy-paste follow-ups impossible to do well. This is where Pragma comes in; with a few simple keyboard shortcuts, I can quickly create an ‘a la cart’ selection of Snippets and quickly add relevant files to make a best-in-class email in seconds. Things will never be the same again!
Marc Bearman, VP Commercial

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